bakelite 1102 from the series: Bakelite Army
<p>This work was initially conceived of as a nod to the Terracotta Army of the Qin Emperor. Seeing that the film size ‘120’ for which these spools were manufactured is numerically 11²-1, I arranged this as a phalanx of 11 ranks of 11 and left the centre element out.</p>
<p>I thought I could also look at this omission as a flaw in the lattice and to see how the structure behaved over time, perhaps to model the corruption of power while I worked on the Dissent project with Chapel Arts. </p>
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an army of 120, #blockchaindissentart
#tiltshift #hasselblad #flexbody
record on analogue film, Feb 2018
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This is a piece of work I have wanted to make as my pile of discarded 120 film spools mounts higher and higher.
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